Dental Services Roanoke, VAWe offer a wide variety of general dentistry procedures. We provide regular examinations and cleanings. We do cosmetic services such as bleaching, bonding, and veneers.

We also provide crowns, bridges, partial and complete dentures, and implants all to rebuild and improve your smile and bite.

We provide therapy to address bruxism (teeth grinding), restoring teeth worn from bruxism, and some TMJ conditions.

Preventative Services
Our office feels that preventative care is very important to a patients dental and overall health. We encourage patients to attend regular care appointments, where an examination, cleaning, and x-rays are done on a schedule that is appropriate for your individual needs. We also offer Flouride treatments, preventative sealant coatings on molars, and oral hygiene instructions.

Restorative Services
We provide many restorative services. This includes fillings-both amalgam (silver) and composite (white), crowns, bridges, and implant restorations. Some of the reasons for restorative dentistry are new or recurring decay (cavities), failing previous restorations, and wearing away or erosion of tooth structure. Depending upon your case, we will determine which restoration is right for you.

Cosmetic Services
Our office offers a variety of cosmetic services, depending on what is appropriate for you. Sometimes just replacing older fillings can improve the appearance of your smile. Other options include bleaching, veneers, and crowns. Please feel free to talk to Dr. Newman about your cosmetic concerns.

We now offer an in office whitening system. Most patients see an improvement in the color of their teeth in an hour procedure. We can give you the information about this procedure.

TMJ/Bite Issues
TMJ is the abbreviated name of the Temporomandibular Joint that moves the jaw. TMJ problems can come from the jaw itself or from the teeth and muscles. TMJ problems could include worn or fractured teeth, sore jaw muscles, and/or “popping” and locking of the joint. A thorough examination will be done to determine what your TMJ issue may be and then appropriate treatment can be recommended for you. Treatment could include wearing a bite splint.