Restoration Follow UpAfter your restorative procedure (this includes fillings and crowns), you may experience a little discomfort from the injection site or any work we did around the gumline. We suggest taking Tylenol or Advil before the numbness wears off and keep some in your system for about 24 hours to relieve any discomfort.

Once the numbness has worn off, pay attention to the way your bite feels. We make sure the restoration fits into your natural bite, but we can’t always be sure how accurate we are until you start feeling and using the tooth again. If you feel like the bite is too high where the filling was placed or maybe even just a slight bumping, you will need to call our office and make an appointment to get the restoration adjusted. You will not need to be numb, we will be adjusting the filling not you. With complete feeling, you can help guide us to the high spot.