Splint Care

When to Wear Your Splint

The amount of time you wear your splint will depend on you and Dr. Andrew. We recommend you wear your splint when you sleep and depending on your situation, during the day when possible. Many of our patients have adapted to speaking with the splint in place, so it is possible to wear it at work or any other daily activities.

You Should Feel Comfortable in Your Splint

After you wear the splint for awhile, you may notice a change in the way your bite feels. You may feel one side hitting harder than the other. This is normal. As your muscles relax, your joints will position differently. After your initial fitting, we will have follow-up visits to follow the change in your bite. Depending on how much you change through this first stage will determine the number of follow-up appointments you will need.

Do Not Let the Splint Disrupt Your Sleep

At first, the splint may seem foreign and distracting. You should try to wear the splint as long as you can at night. If you find it too much, take it out and try to wear it longer the next time. If a specific thing is stopping you, make sure to address the issue with us, we may be able to adjust it to your comfort.

Keep Your Splint Clean

Your splint will build up plaque and stain, just like your teeth. You should brush it with toothpaste and a toothbrush daily. Make sure you bring your splint with you to your next recall appointment-we will clean it in our ultrasonic at no extra cost. Dr. Andrew will also want to check on your progress and make sure everything is still balanced.